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Virtual Kenya Competitions

In 2007, the World Resources Institute together with the Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the International Livestock Research Institute jointly published Nature’s Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being (or “the Atlas”).Since then, data and charts from the Atlas have been downloaded regularly from the WRI website and its geographic information system (GIS) data sets are being used to produce new maps. The Virtual Kenya project was borne to provide improved access to high quality spatial data and cutting-edge mapping technology to allow more Kenyans to use and interact with spatial data. To encourage creative use of the provided layers and take data sharing to the next level,several mapping competitions were rolled out.....

The first Virtual Kenya Competition was wrapped up on 31st December 2011 and winners finally chosen from a pool of immense talent and creativity after a three month long vigorous outreach campaign. Students, G.I.S. Professionals and Mapping enthusiasts all participated; there was no limit to the fields where the submissions were drawn from- Drought, Climate and Land Use Change, Mapping of Special Schools Facilities to Interactive Maps on Improved Sanitation are but a few examples. It proved a hard task to settle on a winner but final three regional winners were selected.

From a pool of immense talents that ranged from G.I.S. professionals, University students and Mapping enthusiasts, three final winners from the Nairobi Region (which included the Nairobi Metroplitan Area,parts of Central Regional and part of the Rift Valley) were selected.

These are :

The three regional winners also receive an automatic entry to the GRAND FINAL which will be held on 31st March 2012together with the winners of the second phase of the mapping competition. This will be held after a second regional competition that will be targetting G.I.S. users outside Nairobi. Areas targetted are: Central Rift Region, Western Kenya and Coast Province.

Many Thanks to all who took part , many who weren't able to submit entries but have been following and using Virtual Kenya and most of all to our esteemed judges:

After a successful first round of mapping competitions in 2011, the Virtual Kenya team was raring to go and The second phase was launched on 17th January  2012 and after a three month campaign involving Rift Valley, Western and Coast Province .

The campaign encompassed regions out of Nairobi and its environs and the winners of the second phase of the Virtual Kenya mapping competition can finally be revealed. We'd like to thank all who took part and all ardent users of Virtual Kenya.

Drum rolls please........the winners of the second regional competition in no particular order were:

Digitized Teaching Time Table - Egerton University BY MUBARAK MUSA
Western and Nyanza Constituencies BY OCHIENG MC'OKEYO 
Distribution of Large Ungulates in Kenya BY PATRICK KABATHA

Winner      Mubarak Musa Winner of VK

Winner Ochieng Mc'Okeyo with Upande Staff Members                     Mubarak Musa with Upande Staff Member

                                                Patrick Kabatha Winner

                                                                Patrick Kabatha another Virtual Kenya winner

All the other entrants also will be receiving an appreciation gift from the Virtual Kenya Team.Many thanks to all who took part and all ardent users of Virtual Kenya.

Congratulations to the winners!!