Welcome to the Learning Resources page. Here you will find a selection of useful resources for both educators and students.


These include information from basic introduction of geographic terms, gentle introduction of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to a ‘how to’ article that will assist you in creating your own shape files. All of this information, to enhance learning, has been developed or shared by Upande Ltd, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, and Jacaranda Designs, Ltd. Eventually, this page will feature resources developed or shared by Virtual Kenya users.   


This page features GIS-related research papers and policy documents submitted by registered Virtual Kenya users.  Please use the Upload menu and select "Learning Resources" to submit your own publications.  All users can already access Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being, the source material for most of the existing map content on Virtual Kenya.

The Virtual Kenya platform is about much more than just maps! The Learning Resources featured here will enhance the understanding of both teachers and students interested in GIS.

These resources target users with differing levels of familiarity with GIS:-

These users are, at least, remotely familiar with maps, but they have no experience with GIS. They will need very detailed tutorials, including an accompanying dictionary to explain technical GIS terms and concepts.

These users are familiar with some GIS concepts, such as zooming to a location, measuring distances between points of interest, etc.

These users have well developed geo-spatial skills. They are interested in using advanced spatial analysis tools (e.g. buffering, querying data sets for basic statistics, overlaying/clipping data sets, etc.) and will likely want to create their own projects using appropriate software.

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