Welcome to the Virtual Kenya Maps page!   Please use the submenu to your left to access the following features:

Download Data

Users can download data from the Virtual Kenya GIS database in several formats, including;  KML, Shapefiles, GML 2.0, GML 3.11, CSV, Excel, GeoJSN, JPEG, PDF and PNG. Users can also access the metadata of the spatial datasets.

Interactive Maps

A number of predefined maps are available on the following themes: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Tourism, Land Cover and Land Form, Water, Irrigation and Hydro Power, Population and Poverty. Using World Map, an interactive web-mapping application, you can explore the GIS layers that are used in creating the maps, combine layers to create your own maps and save maps as a PDF for printing or to share as a soft copy.

Note: Currently, the Virtual Kenya platform does not allow users to save their maps on the World Map platform (Worldmap.harvard.edu). As  such, only the pre-defined maps can be shared as html links.

Note: When saving your map as a PDF, please use the Google OpenStreetMap background layer if you want to include a background. Currently saving as a PDF works best in Mozilla Firefox.

Map Images

Virtual Kenya also provides a map library where users can view and download jpeg and pdf images of maps.  Users can also share their own map images on this page using the Upload menu.


These are web page applications intergrating information from two or more sources , with one being the mapping platform of choice and the other a service or database whose information will be displayed on the platform used as the base.

To make existing tabular data more appealing to non-mappers,Virtual Kenya has come up with a variety of Mashups using data from various sources to make everyday information visualizing appealing, logical and easy to understand to everyone viewing .

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